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. cause i'm so clever. but clever ain't wise.
how fucked up is this then?  
8th-Dec-2010 03:19 pm [bitches, wtf]
himym - allegedly robin
it would appear that someone hacked my account. got my password somehow. then it appears that they started to make a post, but then realized that they were posting something for -their- journal in -my- space so they left mid post. leaving the draft open on my account.

a draft that very clearly showed me exactly who it was doing so. so. she's busted. good thing i already just defriended her sorry ass anyways.

seriously. someone who considers themselves an adult but they hack other people's livejournals? that is seriously beyond fucked up. immature and sad. & not quite sure what you think you accomplished??? considering i hardly even use this thing lately you dumb twat. beyond that i'm honest as shit. i'll say to your fucking face what i think of you. TO YOUR FACE.

so. now it looks like i have to change my password. awesome. that's not an utter pain in the ass or anything. if your point was to offer me up a minor inconvenience and, in the process, make yourself look like a pathetic sap? CONGRATS YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED YOUR GOAL. now fuck off & die, please.
9th-Dec-2010 12:17 am (UTC)
what i'm figuring happened is she logged into my livejournal to read the private posts of myself & another friend of ours. then she went to update her journal & didn't realize she had never signed out of my account.

yea, he was by far my fav part of The Social Network. like i said, he's understated. i dig understated in a guy! i haven't seen Boy A--i'll totally have to check it out :)

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